Summertime Fun on the Big Lake

With June behind us, let the summertime festivities begin.  Isn’t this what we’ve been waiting for all winter long?  Warm, sunny days with cookouts, family gatherings and lots of water activities.  I notice the traffic on the lake picks up like someone turned on a switch.

This is also a very hazardous time for boaters as many are not fully aware of the rules of the waterways.  Unfortunately, common sense does not always prevail out on Lake Winnipesaukee and that’s when accidents can occur.

Navigating the M/S Mount Washington during these times requires the awareness of the heavier traffic and quite often the Captains find themselves having to read the minds of other boaters to avoid sticky situations.  The toughest times for us are when we are docking at or leaving one of our ports.  The maneuvers we need to make with a 230-foot, 800-ton ship during these times leave us vulnerable as it is not easy to stop this ship instantly.  Everyone of my fellow Captains can relate a few stories of their past close encounters with a novice boater.

As the summer unfolds, I ask all boaters who may read this blog to please understand that docking this ship is tricky, especially on windy days.  So please give us the right of way by staying clear of us.  If you’re pulling a skier or tuber, please keep at least 500 feet away from the vessel and pass behind us not in front of us.  Common sense and common courtesy are two virtues every boater can easily possess.

Have a great summer and I hope to see you out on the lake!  At a safe distance of course.


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  • Barbara Fields

    I have lived at that fabulous lake for 60 years……

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